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November 1, 2018

Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam – Helping hand

Ganesh Ramalingam is a head surgeon in G&L surgical. He is a specialist in endoscopy. He has good medical record as a surgeon. He dedicates his life for his patient. He starts his morning faster to not keep his patient wait for long time. As a routine work he visits his clinic to give consultation for daily patients who come for diagnosis. Then after checking out all those out patient, he takes a ward round to check for the patient recovery after surgery or treatment. He works for those people without expecting more money. He just works for them to get the gratitude that he gets from the happy patients. He works as a team to help their patient. All he need is the love that every people show after recovery.

He works as a surgeon and does some charity work to help those in need. Every person who are in need of surgery can get in touch with dr ganesh ramalingam and get the source for their surgery. Charity contribution is made by him along with his wife. They as a family believes in helping others will make their life beautiful. They get the feel of heaven with those help to needy people. Every person has the contribution towards unfortunate people. G&L surgeon is a team of corporate social responsibility people, they have helped many in need and they keep on working to contribute more to help others. Helping hands are the one that have pure heart. As a human everyone should be able to help others with at least simple things.