Tag: How To Make A Platform Bed

December 24, 2020

Building Your Own Platform Bed

Platform beds have become all the rage among home décor offerings and people looking for an inexpensive bed with great style. With a variety of high-quality family plans, you can build your own bed and create your own unique look.

This type of bed is usually a very simple project for someone who enjoys working with wood. The challenge becomes when you choose to go from a simple square platform to something with true style. When you start to add a nifty headboard and maybe some storage under the deck, the complexity of the project quickly increases. This is the time to build on a good set on how to make a platform bed.

How To Make A Platform Bed

If you have a few standard woodworking tools, you probably have all the right tools to build this type of family. The best way to make sure you have everything you need is to review the list of tools required in your plans. Unless you’re doing fancy scrolling work or decorative touches, you’ll often only need a good power saw, a drill with the right cut, and a few other hand tools.

Once you define your design and plans, be sure to review them closely for all the necessary materials. You will need the right wood, nails, fasteners, and other accessories for your project. Since you are heading to the hardware store, you must decide how you plan to finish your project. Planning to paint the entire deck in one color? You may be planning to do an intricate painting to add flair. Or are you planning to stain and stamp the wood to get a natural look? Again, this is a good time to review your plans and learn about your recommendations.

When planning a sturdier and sleeker bed, you should invest in quality family plans. With complexity comes the need for more details and nuances in your plans. Simple mistakes in plans can lead to more work and expense as you work on building your bed. With quality plans, you can build your bed quickly, easily, and with the fewest hassle.