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April 17, 2021

Want to hire a Chef Buffet catering service for your wedding

If it is your wedding or your loved one’s wedding, it is essential to book the best catering service in your city. Nowadays, it is a trend of booking buffet catering for weddings, birthday parties, and all other occasions. Even though there are so many options of catering services available, Hire a Chef catering service in Sydney is definitely the best one for all.

Specialties of Hire a Chef:

  • Hire a Chef is the gourmet buffet caterer providing delicious braised meats, mouth watering roasts, seasonal and also fresh salads along with the crusty baked bread rolls.
  • When it comes to the choice of buffet style catering for your occasion, it includes finger food, traditional food, paella deluxe and BBQ buffet packages, and spit roasts.
  • As it is the top rated catering service provider in Sydney, it offers a wide range of buffet catering menus for almost all exciting parties and events.
  • The foods are prepared freshly in their kitchen and lovingly served delicious at your occasion.

There are a team of professionals available in this catering service and they are always ready to provide you the best catering buffet service in Sydney. From among the various buffet catering packages, you can pick the best and suitable choice based on your personal requirements.

Professional food and beverages:

Hire a Chef is one of the reliable and reputable catering service providers in Sydney providing the relaxed and stress free banquet buffet menus which are perfectly personalized for your special function. The impressive range of buffet packages given by this catering service are really perfect for birthday parties, buffet catering for weddings reception functions, Melbourne cup, Christmas, corporate events or office boardroom events, engagement parties, and any other occasions. You have to check out the wonderful buffet menus today with this catering service and get a quote online to make a right decision. This catering service provider actually has more than 15 years of field experience in hotels, hospitality, function venues, restaurants, and cafes. Thus, this hire a chef team can offer highly memorable catering services which surely exceed your expectations.



March 6, 2021

Tips to Be Together and to Have More Fun at Night Date

The night-time is an amazing gift for couples to enjoy their date in Singapore, as it is a place of wondrous sights. You can enjoy togetherness at the home by playing puzzles games, quizzes, try cooking new recipes together, dancing, playing online games, watching the local play online, ordering a meal, and eat with fun and happiness. To bring back childhood memories, you can even opt for board games and some console games, which help to remove your stress. But being home is safe and gives privacy, people love to date outside to view and enjoy nature’s gift. The best date night singapore has several options for the couples to spend time together and it includes,

date night

  • Kite-flying under the breezy night sky and stars.
  • Cycling in the street to enjoy the chill air, and for safety measures, wear helmets, and equip your vehicle with headlights.
  • Take a picnic mat with you by adding the items like chocolates, strawberries, and wine.
  • Purchase a couple of t-shirts and paint them with matching designs using the colorful painting kits.
  • Pick a restaurant that satisfies your budget and go for a food hunt and themed café hopping.
  • Plan for a picnic in the botanical garden.
  • To enjoy the adventurous outdoor, go camping, and get all the required permits beforehand, and the outdoor garden is also the best option.
  • Try all the tea bubble brands and monitor your sugar consumption.
  • Singapore is famous for many picturesque places, and you can plan for your date by taking an evening and morning nature stroll.
  • You have the option to take a small tour to the Singapore River through the river cruise ship.
January 1, 2021

Tips for Growing Plants in Fall

With an end of summer, doesn’t mean that it is an end of the growing season.  For the fall season, you will anticipate a big change in the gardening plans, but still they will yield amazing results. Cool air of fall is very good for plants than extreme summer heat, and warm soil will be ideal for cultivating the roots before ground freezes. Right from the seasonal vegetables and fruits that should be planted in the fall, to peonies and perennials, check out some tips for your garden to grow with our growing tips.

Get Your Garden Ready

First make sure you create enough room for the fresh vegetables just by removing the garden crops and weeds that are not performing well or ones you have harvested already. Pull out any weeds so that they do not steal nutrients and moisture from the new young plants. You can take benefit of open planting flower bed and include 2 inch of compost and give your veggies a fresh start this fall.

mochi recipe

Avoid Fertilizer

Another best thing you can do to get your garden ready for fall is that to avoid making use of fertilizer. If there is any new growth found because of fertilizer can get cut short by cold and winter weather.


Now that you’re primed to choose crops that have a little time to mature and opened enough space in your garden for the new crops, decide which crops you want to plant this fall.

November 20, 2020


No Birthday it seems is complete without the ceremonial “cutting and sharing” of a celebratory sweet dish called the “Birthday Cake” (BC). The custom started with the Kinderfest (literally, “children’s festival”) in 18th Century Germany. But as in many social customs, it is the glorious City State of Singapore that is one of the leaders in the field. Given its miniscule population, this fact does seem amazing, but Excellence is a National Focus here. It is surprising that something as simple as a multi-tiered baked and assembled layer cake, has been now developed into a work of art in Singapore. Even in the Age of the Pandemic, not just in the City of Singapore, but orders are now flying in on the wings of the internet from all over the world, for birthday cakes Singapore.

Best BC

The best of these birthday cakes in Singapore are said to be created by White Spatula, from their base on the Promenade, at the Pelikat, Singapore. It’s a stunning range, with the most unbelievable works of the imagination. Some of the gourmet samples are:

  • COVID Buttercream Cake.
  • New Dinosaur Buttercream Cake.
  • Fly Me To The Moon Cake.
  • Baby Astronaut Buttervream Cake.
  • Scuba/Snorkeling Buttercream Cake.
  • Carnival/Circus Buttercream Cake.
  • Unicorn Buttercream Cake.
  • New Construction/Truck Buttercream Cake.

The Cream

This Group has revolutionized birthday cakes and desserts tables all over Singapore, and with the influence of the Online, White Spatula is synonymous everywhere with birthday cakes Singapore.

October 23, 2020

Health Risks Of Soft Drinks

A soft drink is a nonalcoholic drink usually carbonated with natural or artificial flavorings that make it sweet. It is a mixture of water, color, sugar, flavors, and carbon dioxide gas. It is not an unusual thing. Nowadays, people drink soft drinks for mood swings, celebrate the moments, enjoy the parties, taste, and many more reasons. It has become very normal to have soft drinks. There are several brands of soft drinks.

Soft drink is a type of fast-moving consumer goods. It has a short lifespan. It can make you feel good, but sometimes it may be dangerous. Consuming soft drinks is harmful. It may affect your health. It can cause cancer and heart diseases. For more details, read the article carefully.

Risks of consuming soft drinks

  • Drinking soft drinks can cause a lack of minerals, vitamins, and fibers in your body.
  • It can affect your bones if you have a lack of calcium in your body.
  • It can cause dental erosion because soft drinks contain sugar and acids in high amounts.
  • It increases the risk of sudden heart attacks with a lot of blood clots.
  • It causes high blood pressure, obesity, and
  • The increase of caffeine in the body can cause relatively small problems like anxiety, fatigue, headache, disturbed sleep schedule, major problems like kidney stones, etc.
  • It causes cancer and several heart diseases because of the Benzene chemical found in soft drinks.

As above stated, several health problems can be caused by consuming soft drinks daily. So make sure you are limiting the amount of having soft drinks and maintaining your health.

July 2, 2020

How to throw a successful party? – Tips

When you are planning to offer a party for your family or friends, it is advisable for you to make a plan beforehand. This way, you can avoid any problem that will occur when you are enjoying with your loved ones at your event. In order to party hard without any interruption, it is good to have a preplanned event. This article will assist you to throw the best party ever and here are some tips that you need to keep in your mind.

  • No matter, whether you are planning an anniversary, baby shower, music or any event, the first thing that you must not forget is inviting people. Call everyone, you love and make the event the best one.

catering service hong kong

  • Immediately after calling people, you must choose a venue that holds that numbers of people that you have invited for your party. You can choose the best one that is suitable for you as well as your event using VenueHub.
  • Now, it is time for you to call someone to host your party. Though you can do it by yourself, it is your party; you might be definitely busy talking with your guests. Therefore, find out the best one who can engage the time well.
  • Another thing you have to spend some time is food and it is recommended for you to choose the best catering service hong kong to offer the best food to your guests. So, you can eat and also provide wonderful treat to people.
February 1, 2020

What are the ways to boost the breast milk?

When you have just given birth to a baby or going to be a new mom, one of the most common questions that may roll on your minds is how to boost the breast milk supply. Naturally the amount of milk that is secreted in your breast will be enough o feed your baby but in some cases, a few moms would have no enough milk to feed and so this article is especially for you. You can enhance the milk supply by following a regime and make sure that you will maintain this diet to be healthy and also to make your kid healthy.

  • The first point that you should remember is staying hydrated and it is good for you to drink at least 8 once of water every day.


  • Since new moms should have additional amount of calories to feed their children, therefore it is advised to eat vegetables and foods which are rich in nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
  • Also it is good to intake confinement food halal which contains good amount of nutrition in it so that you and your baby as well can be healthy. The list of food that is included in this confinement list is more and also you can get them in delicious taste and wonderful color.
  • Make your baby to feed on either side of your breasts so that if the milk in side emptied, your brain can receive some signals and produce milk in the side. At the same time, you can make your baby to feed on the other side.