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November 30, 2019

The Lead Attorney can Help Older Parents look to the Future

By Martinez

No one likes to look to the future and realize that they are getting older and, perhaps, ultimately, they need the help of their children, but aging is inevitable. As their parents grow and depend more and more on the help of others, it is a good idea to talk with them about their long-term plans and legal problems that may affect them. The longer they live, the greater the likelihood that they will need the services of probate attorneys or senior lawyers to restore order in their affairs.

Approaching your parents about their future

It may be difficult to discuss the future with your elderly parents, but it is imperative that you do so before they become disabled or can no longer make the right decisions for themselves. If you don’t know how to raise this problem, a lawyer who specializes in legal matters for the elder law guidance jefferson city tn can help you. One can give you a list of topics to discuss with your family, as well as some materials that may be interested in reading.

The best time to approach your parents is now. By helping them solve problems such as their will, the creation of the state of the property and their wishes regarding the decisions to end their life, reduces the chances that their family will be forced to work with a lawyer in the future. You can address this in a way that does not seem threatening or accusatory if you admit that you are concerned that you cannot take care of them properly or that you do not want your children or grandchildren to fight over inheritance. You can also increase your comfort level by meeting them in your home, where they feel most comfortable.

elder law guidance jefferson city tnTop law issues for your parents to consider

There are a number of higher law issues that you should discuss with your parents and older siblings that can have a profound impact on everyone’s future, including:

Mobility problems, such as your mother or father having a driver’s license. If you are concerned that you do not drive, make sure you have alternative mechanisms so that you do not lose your independence. If they don’t want to give up their driver’s license, remind them that if they hurt or kill someone, they will need a lawyer to protect them and face serious fines.


Succession and property issues include writing a current will and discussing whether they wish to build trust for their heirs. There are several difficult issues to consider, especially if your mother or father has a significant legacy that they will leave behind, so take the time to consult with lawyers who can prepare the relevant documents.