Tag: Chemical tech

December 9, 2018



Before we dive straight into the topic. We need to have a basic idea about these Champions. In the beginning, there were less than fifty champions. With time, these number has only grown. More than one hundred forty champions reside in the League of Legends Universe. These champions are controlled by us. We use them to fight battles. The main motive to fight is to keep the peace. Blitzcrank is one of the prime characters. He originated during the launch of the game. Over time, he achieved new skins and customization. Skins have a huge role in this game. Skins give us a lot of power. It gives us new skills which can help us to win battles. Blitzcrank is one of those players who is renowned for his old school fighting. He belongs from Zaun. Zaun is a part of the League of Legends universe. This land is more of a wasteland. It is not one of the main cities. Yet it is thriving for its rich culture. It has sewage running through it. The drainage system makes it polluted.



By profession, Blitzcrank is an iron engineer. He has an interesting back story. He is renowned as the Guardian of Zaun. Blitzcrank isn’t enough to destroy the enemy on his own. He needs support from other teammates. He is quite a hard and difficult competitor. He has a lot of strength and tenacity. He has received proper barrier protection. It makes him much more powerful. He belongs from the city made up of iron and glass. He does business in the black market. He is well aware of all the Mechanical and Chemical tech around him. He is also known as the Great Steam Golem. His power mostly lies in his hand. It’s also known as the pocket grab. The pocket grab is quite costly and will need a lot of gold coins.


The best thing about Blitzcrank is the range of skins he owns. There are around six of them. The best ones are those which were launched in the beginning. Not much has changed over the last nine years. The game was launched in the year 2009. By now, we should have received better skins for this adorable little bot. The developers haven’t paid much heed to this matter. Blitzcrank has a lot of potential and survival power. His punch can be quite a death blow. You can always upgrade to get better skins. Buying them is never a good option. Since they cost a lot. People buy accounts with Blitzcrank for he is a fun character. He is diverse and has a lot to offer on the plate.