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January 8, 2021

Best ways to clean data in excel

Data is forming the backbone for any analysis which you are doing in Excel. And when it is coming to the data then there are tons of things that can go wrong like placement, structure, extra spaces, formatting, and so on.

In this blog, you will see the simple ways to excel in data cleaning.

This Tutorial will cover the below points:

  1. Selecting and treating all the blank cells

You can select the full data set then Press F5, then click on the special button at the bottom left. This will open the special Go to dialogue box, then select the blank and click OK.

Then you can type by pressing Control+Enter and your required value is inserted.

  1. Getting rid of extra spaces

TRIM Function is been used for deleting extra spaces between numbers and words.

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  1. Removing duplicates: In two ways you can delete the duplicate data, either highlight it or delete it.
  2. Converting stored numbers as text back to numbers

Select any blank cell and then type 1. Then select the cell where you have type 1 and then press Control + C. Then select the range/cell where you want to convert to numbers and then select paste special. Then select Multiply in the dialogue box of paste special. Then click OK. This will convert all the numbers in text format to the number format.

  1. Highlighting errors
  2. Changing text to Proper/Upper/Lower Case
  3. Spell Check
  4. Parsing data from text to column
  5. Deleting all Formatting
  6. Using replace and find for excel data cleaning
October 14, 2020

Education Counseling Online – Reaping Its Benefits

When you are considering online education, it will be a very good idea that you turn to education counseling. While it comes about education, there’re a lot of options accessible to the student, so making a right decision might appear like a challenging task. The recognised counselling courses singapore service will offer you with the proper resources and right advice that will help to make a right decision about if the study course online is the most suitable choice for you, it will help you to decide on a kind of program, which suits your requirements.

How It Will Help You?

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Online education courses and study programs are gaining huge popularity amongst the high school students who are searching for the career advancement and others who are out from the school & work for a long time. The online educational courses are gaining huge popularity by everybody. They’re gaining approval by the employers. But, they aren’t suitable or best option for every individual. Also, some programs online are highly suitable for a few individuals than others. The online counseling program can help the potential student in understanding everything that they want to know about the education online.


Education counseling online is offered by the private counseling services that offer college & career counseling. The education counseling can be offered by the colleges & institutions that provide the online course. The high school counselors can provide a few educations counseling online. Internet is the best tool you can use for researching & you can find a lot of resources that offer information about the online educational courses.

July 5, 2020


It starts here!

          There are many students who are coming out of the colleges and universities every year and they have their eyes set on the best career possible. But not everything is a rosy picture and no one wants to give these new graduates a suitable job opportunity. Here is where the career opportunities must be considered by these fresher students and for more on the concept you can click the link Recruiters Give Back and you will be surprised on the thousands of career opportunities available for you to choose.

It is different:

Recruiters Give Back

          You will find that many people who are just out of college are not considered favorably by many companies even today. Bu with some help and a few suggestions, they will be able to bring what they need nearer to them. They are assisting those who are dealing with the unemployment crisis and are unable to find the right options for their educational qualifications. They are able to provide those graduates who are yet to find ca job by assisting them with financial and non financial benefits such developing a new and impressive CV.

Support group:

          They have created a support group which helps these career seekers with the best possible information that they can put used to and build a career easily and for more try to click on the link online cv help hong kong.

July 21, 2018

There are many vacancies for the government jobs at Sarkari Naukri

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Different positons:

 You can fulfil your dreams about your career with the opportunities provided by the latest govt jobs in India. You can be a part of the nation’s development if you work in the central government sector. The central government jobs are really considered the best option for anyone. There are many openings in the central government sector for different departments every year. You can find lakhs of openings for different positions in the central government jobs. The aspirants can make use of the golden opportunity if they apply for the jobs at Sarkari Naukri. If you are interested in the state government jobs then you can get all the jobs in a list. The aspirants who face difficulties to apply for the government jobs in their state can definitely visit Sarkari Naukri. You can get all the notifications for the government jobs in your state if you click on the respected state.