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August 31, 2022

US shipping to any location in India:

By Martinez

For the Indian population living in the USA, GarudaVega offers courier services that are remarkably affordable and refreshingly trustworthy international courier services. From anywhere in the USA to anyplace in India, the ship and deliver products in about 5 business days at the lowest shipping costs imaginable.

how it functions?

Send them an email at after filling out the Ship to India – Submit Details Page.

Them send you a price quote for your shipment after receiving your form.

You have two options for paying them: online or in person at the Atlanta, Georgia, office.

U.S. payments to India over $250 will be made by bank deposit.

 international courier services

Them will send you a shipping label and an invoice sheet as soon as them receive your money. Stick the label, on the package.

Later, you can drop off the package at your closest drop-off site or use the shipping pick-up service (at no additional cost). The drop-off location will be disclosed to you.

Notification Any customs charges levied against your goods are Not Other responsibility. It is the recipients’ responsibility to cover the fees and receive their packages.

Them ask that you fill out your GarudaVega Information Request Form as completely and accurately as possible in order to avoid paying customs fees and experiencing delays in the processing of your cargo.

The service provided at GarudaVega in Pondicherry by Perumal Manikandan was excellent. He perfectly completed his task while completely adhering to the rules! The package arrived in the UK in perfect condition.