May 20, 2022

Tips To Consider While Thinking Of Investing In Direct Mail Services

By Martinez

The advent of this digital age has not bought an end to new opportunities and perspectives for marketing products and advertising. However, it is not known to have spelled traditional marketing tactics; some longstanding strategies are more effective in the present times, and direct mail is one of such strategies.

According to several studies, direct mail in Indianapolis, IN had a response rate 500% greater than any other digital marketing channel when combined with other options and at half the amount of ads displayed on the internet. The number of marketers and businesses using direct mail has shrunk with the presence of modern marketing methods catching the attention of the audience.

All this provides a person with a perfect opportunity to take benefit of a less crowded, effective, and more affordable space. Hereafter mentioned are a few tips to consider for reaping the most out of direct mail services.

direct mail in Indianapolis, IN

  • Making it personal

An old-fashioned feel of direct mailers proves to be one of the major reasons behind their increasing success in the present times; a person can reach out to his customers or prospects with not something digital, but tangible, and put it in the correct hands. He should emphasize the one-on-on nature of his direct mailing campaign with the addition of several personal touches. For instance, using stamps instead of preprinted and prepaid postage tends to take away the appearance of junk bulk mailers and shows the amount of care that went into his direct mail campaign. He might also consider handwritten fonts for the addresses of his recipients and personalize names and other important information about the mailers.

  • Location

The location of a particular address is not only important in real estate, but also useful for the direct mailers of a person. The USPS has laid down strict rules and regulations concerning the place where addresses can be placed or printed on card mailers and envelopes of different sizes. The high-speed equipment possessed by them will fail to know the place to send every mailer if a person does not comply. A design improperly placing the address can be a big mistake.


While a person is printing, he is not required to use old techniques just because direct mail is proven to be an old-school type of marketing. Digital label printing and many additional innovations let a person do a lot more with his mailers at a lower cost. A perfect printing press is capable of printing, personalizing, folding, and addressing his mailers in a single go.

As mentioned previously in this article, automating everything is always coupled with a significant saving of additional or unnecessary costs; invest in direct mail in Indianapolis, IN today!