The therapeutic and nutritional benefits of ingesting raw cannabis
October 11, 2022

The therapeutic and nutritional benefits of ingesting raw cannabis

By Martinez

Cannabis is a vegetable like many of the plants we often add to our everyday dishes. In fact, marijuana is considered a real “super food”! Packed with beneficial phytochemicals hard to find elsewhere, fresh flowers and leaves add a healthier touch to salads, smoothies and smoothies delta 8 thc for sale.

Discover the benefits of eating raw cannabis.

Put the kale and spinach aside, marijuana is the new “super food”! From a purely technical point of view, cannabis is still a vegetable, even if it is often not seen as such. Most cannabis users are familiar with the effects induced by smoked, vaporized, and edible marijuana, but have you ever wondered if ingesting freshly harvested cannabis leaves is good for you? From a nutritional standpoint, cannabis contains a myriad of healthy and genuine molecules, including:

  • Proteins
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

The thought of chewing on a handful of fresh buds and leaves may seem like an unattractive idea. However, they can be used in nutritious salads and surprisingly palatable juices.

Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis

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Smoking, vaping, and edible cooking are all processes that compromise the chemical composition of cannabis to some degree. Some of these changes create beneficial chemical reactions, while others are harmful. Several vital molecules within cannabis, i.e. terpenes and cannabinoid , are unstable and susceptible to increased temperatures. The consumption of cannabis in its raw form instead maintains these solvents in their biological state, enabling customers to permit those phytochemicals that evaporate or alter when smoked.

Taking raw cannabis allows stoners to boost their endocannabinoid scheme (a regulatory system that keeps the body in balance), without getting high or having to inhale anything during the process. In the next few years, raw cannabis could become a very popular functional food.

Cannabinoid acids

Raw cannabis comprises very varied molecules from those breathed after detonation or vaporization. THC, CBD don’t really occur in raw cannabis. Rather, they are abundant chemical cannabinoid acids. These have a carboxyl community that is misplaced after being excavated to warmth, a procedure realized as decarboxylation. These non-psychoactive THCA modifies to psychoactive CBDA to CBD.

Scientists studying cannabis have found that these chemicals possess beneficial properties in their own right that are different from those of their post-decarboxylation counterparts. Take a look at the property listings below to find out what the main cannabinoid acids have to offer.