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May 7, 2022

Everything about the ASSA rent

By Martinez

ASSA is an Indonesian firm that provides car rental services. The firm gives taxi services for people and businesses, logistical transportation, and driver advisory services.

ASSA was established in 2003 as ADIRA Rental. ASSA established ADIRA Driver Solutions and ADIRA Freight Forwarding in 2004 and 2006 before renaming PT Adi Sarana Armada in 2009. ASSA has been published on the IDX since 2012, and it began its internet operations in 2014 by founding PT Adi Sarana Lelang, a used automobile sale and purchase platform (BidWin). ASSA extended its digital operations in 2018 with the launch of Sharing Car (a software rental car service) and Caroline. In 2019, ASSA bought JBA (a traditional and digital car auction network) and launched Anteraja, a rapid delivery business.

Services by ASSA rental

  • ASSA’s first operation was car rentals, which began in 2003-2004 with ASSA Rent and ASSA Driver Solutions founding.
  •  Compared to its other operations, car rental has the most rest on its capacity and contributes more to ASSA’s interest income and interest profit. ASSA’s rental car marketing strategy is as follows: ASSA will purchase vehicles and lease them to consumers.
  • After four years of being hired and deteriorating, those cars will be sold at a higher price, more extraordinary than their book value.
  • Assa Rent is actively developing Share Automobile, an online car rental network where clients can rent automobiles that have already been parked at predefined locations using a smartphone app.
  •  ASSA can generate revenue from the wider populace and corporations using this service. At present, Share Car offers 366 automobiles for rent in Indonesia.