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June 24, 2021

What Kinds of Services Third-Party Logistics Companies Provide?

By Martinez

Third-party logistics company

A third-party logistics (3PL) provider is a specialized organization that offers customers various distribution, storage, transportation, and fulfillment services. These customers outsource these operations to a 3PL business and rely on the 3PL service to provide end-to-end service management. 3PL providers are a vital part of supply chain management, and they are used by project logistics singapore.

Main services offered

Many 3PL companies specialize in different aspects of the supply chain, and they offer a wide range of logistical services. Most logistics services fit under one of the following categories:

  • Procurement

Receiving and ordering items from other parts of the supply chain

  • Order fulfillment

Receive orders from customers, picking and packing, and arranging for the orders to be completed and sent out.

  • Storage

Providing commodities with temporary storage in warehouses and other related sites

  • Transportation

Arranging for the consolidation, deconsolidation, management, and transportation of good

Additional services provided by 3PLs include IT system integration, inventory management, data interchange, reporting through project logistics Singapore services.

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3PL procurement and receiving services

Ordering and receiving items from upstream in the supply chain are the basis of procurement. A 3PL supplier may provide the following services as part of procurement and receiving service:

  • On behalf of their customer, they manage inventories.
  • Recognize when inventory levels are low and place orders with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Arrange for products to be delivered to the 3PL warehouse from the supplier or manufacturer.
  • Receive items into the 3PL warehouse and store them until they are requested or needed somewhere else.

3PL order fulfillment services

Order management, fulfillment, and distribution are three of 3PL’s main responsibilities. A 3PL provider may provide the following services as part of an order fulfillment service:

  • Customers, members of the public, and others may make requests for items.
  • When orders are received, manage inventory and subtract from stock levels.
  • Picking up the desired item from their warehouse’s storage.
  • Pack the specified item for it to be dispatched.
  • Arranging the item’s loading and distribution to its final destination.