October 13, 2021

Tennessee Shine Company – Makes Special Moments More Memorable

By Martinez

Wine is one of the gifts that strengthen old and new relationships alike. Wine is like the life of any party. Without it, life feels bland to many. Apart from feeding the soul, wine has some health benefits too! And when it comes to wine, tennessee shine company is a name that most people are familiar with.

History of Tennessee Shine Company 

The company was established in 2015 in Tennessee and is owned by Teddy Jones, Larry Sorrell, and W.C. Mills. They go by the motto of ‘Respect the Shine!’. With one taste of their moonshine, people can realize that they use authentic processes to make some finest productions. To keep the quality high, they produce moonshine, wine, and whiskey and keep it classic.

The product line 

The product line of tennesseeshine company is adorned with a list of sophisticated beverages.

  1. Tennessee Shine Co Moonshine – Their Moonshine collection is impeccable, from smooth corn whiskey to the Dream Cream flavored shine. Other bestsellers include Grape Shine, Blackberry Shine, and Apple Pie Shine.
  2. Tennessee Shine Co Whiskey – They have a great collection of whiskey for the patrons of this beverage. They offer some innovative flavors like Straight whiskey, Corn whiskey, S’mores whiskey, and more.
  3. Tennessee Shine Co Wines – Apart from the moonshines and whiskey, their red and white premium wines’ collection is impressive. The most popular flavors include Cove Creek White Wine, Strawberry Wine, Pretty & Pink, and more.

Apart from the products, Tennessee Shine Co also focuses equally on the packaging. It is the reason why there are only small batches of whiskey and moonshine on their label. Their precious recipes have been passed down generations.

From parties to festivals to proposals, wine is a way of life. For some people, it is like an elixir for the soul. For others, it is a guilty pleasure. With their signature flavors and blends paired with the friendly atmosphere, Tennessee Shine Co is highly adored. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more information on this topic.