June 11, 2021

Is Zigz.io authentic?

By Martinez

How does it work?

The stock market enables the financers and the traders etc., to exchange their stock any time they want. They can buy and sell or exchange their stocks according to their will. The zigzag indicator brings the good possibility for the individuals to know about the fluctuation money trend in the market. However, there is a certain limitation of the ZigZag indicator as well. As we see the trends in the website on the Zigz indicator, they have either happened earlier or may be happening in the present, and it does not predict the future ones. The trend is not permanent, so traders should b well aware of it. There can be a lot of lag in the graph if the prediction is not correct.

Some speculations

Now, if we talk about the zigz.io website,certain speculations are made about it.


  • It is said that the owner of the site hides his identity.The website does not get a lot of visitors. The website does hold an SSL authentication certificate. The website is available for a few years.
  • It gives Gamma Exchange units.It also provides a pull/call ratio along with Dark pool indexes. io has a high search speed.It was registered online on 7-5-2019.It was last updated on 19-4-2021.It will next be renewed on 7-5-2022.It is presented only in the English language.


Though this site is authentic and everything by far runs right on this website, one should not believe in it blindfold as the trends are unpredictable. It is the sole duty of the trader first to check the source and then put money in the stocks according to his conscience and will by far. Thus, this site may be helpful for some and not useful for others, depending on their choices.