November 18, 2021

Hot Stone Massage: what it consists of and what benefits it guarantees

By Martinez

It is perhaps the most photographed massage of all thanks to the smooth stones that are placed on the back. The hot stones, but which can also be cold, have been used to massage since the dawn of time, the Native Americans had made their own philosophy of life. Nowadays they are used for a specific purpose, to relax muscles, dissolve tensions, and bring your body to an island where there is no stress Swedish Massage in Bedford, MA

The hot stone massage technique  , which we have learned to call  Hot Stone (see Hot Stone massage course ), uses the contact with stones that have a different temperature from that of the human body. It is called hot stone massage but, as we have already said, it can also be cold stones. What is interesting is the mixing of Western-style techniques at their own techniques  to yurved ic to . It is thought that various ailments can be addressed in this way by soliciting specific points of the human body by means of smooth and warm stones, replacing the real hands to perform the massage.

This type of massage is used in various fields including sports. Compared to the classic massage, a synergy is created between the massaging action of the  sports massager   and the precise action performed by the  hot  stones.

The popularity of this technique has spread around the world due to its effectiveness. The muscles are relaxed and cause general relaxation with a feeling of great relief. The heat capacity of hot stones acts in depth, since it is constant and centers the precise points to be melted. The effect is vasodilatory, as a result of which it improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation, with the benefit of the nervous system.

Stone Therapy was brought back into vogue with the advent of the new age, by Mary Nelson who is its main representative. Native Americans have used it for centuries to treat sore muscles. The new interpretation has become a patented method that needs precise professional knowledge to be applied.