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January 20, 2021

Features to look while choosing the SERP checker

By Martinez

If you want your website to rank top in search engine results, then you need a SERP checker. You could do the job without this tool. When you search for SERP checking tools online, you might see a different kind of trackers, with different features and prices. You have to carefully look at some essential features to choose the best SERP checker. Find free serps check and decide whether to continue using it or to replace it with a better one.

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  • Rank accuracy should come in mind when you look SERP checker tool. Many tackers would not give an accurate data report. If you do not analyze it before, then it might cause a big problem. Choose the SERP checker that provides true results to the users.
  • Mobile traffic is a bigger part of internet traffic now. Many users access the internet using mobile phones than the desktop. You may be doing well in desktop ranks, but you will gain only 50% of traffic to your website. So, it is essential to pay attention to mobile rank tracking. Only few SERP tracker gives you the mobile trackingoption.
  • The ranking is updated every day in SERPs, and you should notice the change every time it happens. When selecting a good SERP checker, consider how often rankings are updated.
  • Find the free serps check that is easy to use. Because no one like to spend their time in rank tracking job. If the tracker is hard to use, then you will waste a lot of time using it.