March 6, 2020

Things to Look at in Solar Security Camera

By Martinez

The solar-powered security cameras offer electricity-free protection to remote areas, big properties, outbuildings, as well as more. Here you will find the best solar camera that will make sure you choose the right one.


There’re two things that you need to consider while it comes about placement of the solar-powered camera. First is where you would like this camera to get installed for the maximum protection, and second is where solar panel has to get placed for the maximum sun exposure. In order, to keep the solar-powered camera running, you require enough of peak -hours for getting this fully charged. The peak sun-hours can be classified as hour where sun offers 1,000 watts of the power every square mile. Measurement generally refers to intensity of the sunlight, instead amount of time that sun will be shining.

Solar Security Camera

The peak sun-hours generally happen when sun is at the highest point and will differ depending on the season or location. There are some guidelines that will help you to harness solar power if possible include placing the solar panel in the south-facing spot, which gets complete sunlight for six hours daily. That depends on how long this cable attaches the camera to panel, you may have to adjust the choice for the camera placement. We suggest identifying the desired camera placement prior to deciding the solar camera to purchase.

Weatherproof Rating

Whenever you count on the outdoor device for keeping your family and home safe, you have to ensure it will stand up to various elements. Each outdoor solar camera that we suggest has the weatherproof rating, which allows you know how nicely it withstands water and dust.