birthday cakes Singapore
November 20, 2020


By Martinez

No Birthday it seems is complete without the ceremonial “cutting and sharing” of a celebratory sweet dish called the “Birthday Cake” (BC). The custom started with the Kinderfest (literally, “children’s festival”) in 18th Century Germany. But as in many social customs, it is the glorious City State of Singapore that is one of the leaders in the field. Given its miniscule population, this fact does seem amazing, but Excellence is a National Focus here. It is surprising that something as simple as a multi-tiered baked and assembled layer cake, has been now developed into a work of art in Singapore. Even in the Age of the Pandemic, not just in the City of Singapore, but orders are now flying in on the wings of the internet from all over the world, for birthday cakes Singapore.

Best BC

The best of these birthday cakes in Singapore are said to be created by White Spatula, from their base on the Promenade, at the Pelikat, Singapore. It’s a stunning range, with the most unbelievable works of the imagination. Some of the gourmet samples are:

  • COVID Buttercream Cake.
  • New Dinosaur Buttercream Cake.
  • Fly Me To The Moon Cake.
  • Baby Astronaut Buttervream Cake.
  • Scuba/Snorkeling Buttercream Cake.
  • Carnival/Circus Buttercream Cake.
  • Unicorn Buttercream Cake.
  • New Construction/Truck Buttercream Cake.

The Cream

This Group has revolutionized birthday cakes and desserts tables all over Singapore, and with the influence of the Online, White Spatula is synonymous everywhere with birthday cakes Singapore.