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January 12, 2020

Know-How To Fool Your Friends With Fake Text Within 5 Seconds

By Martinez

There is something about the joy that everyone gets when they manage to pull off a trick with their friends. This is something that every generation has enjoyed; if you go on and ask the friends of your parents. Every one of them will have a unique anecdote to tell, how naughty they were.

Play with subconsciousness!

There is something about the human mind; humans tend to remember every activity that has happened in their lives which involved high rush emotions. No matter what the emotions are, whether they are the emotion of joy, sadness, disappointment. When emotions are high, they create long-lasting memories. Behavioural Scientists believe that these, memories slip into the subconscious mind.  Every such information which gets stored in the human subconscious mind has the longest life. The human mind thinks in pictures, and the subconscious mind is more than capable to retain those pictures. In this age of technology, if you want to fool your friend, it’s the easiest now. There are so many apps available for Smartphones which can help you create fake text. An unexpected text from an unexpected person can shock anyone.

fake texts

How to generate fake texts with these apps?

The apps available for Smartphones make the pretty easier. You will not have any difficulty in terms of creating a fake text. All you have to do is to brainstorm the content of the text if the content of the text is effective. The fake text looks even more genuine. And you can really pull off that. These apps have pre-designed formats and layouts, using that you can create a perfect lock screen prank message.

How to make the trick work?

These days everyone uses one or two messaging apps. You can create the exact replica of message pops produced by all the popular messaging apps. You create a replica group message or the fake text that they have been added to a group they never expected to.  Ideas are immense you have to apply your creative energy to make your trick work as effectively as you want.