personalized childrens book
February 2, 2020

Gift Your Kid A Personalized Children’s Book

By Martinez

It can be a very difficult task to choose gifts for any children- be it on their birthday, for children’s day or for any other invitation that adults are invited to. To win the heart of a kid is the most difficult task in the universe, especially when it comes to deciding to gift them something they are wishing for. Gifts for children should be something very personalized that can reach straight to their hearts. Most children love books. They can either be storybooks or coloring books. So, gifting personalized childrens book can be almost like a treat to the kids.

Types OfChildrens’ Books

There are different types of children’s books owing to different genres and specific to so many ages. Some of these types of books are-

  1. Picture StoryBooks

As the name suggests, picture storybooks have lots of pictures that tell a very sweet and simple story. These stories are the most favorite of all the children and are often read out to kids as bedtime stories. The plot in picture storybooks is mostly the pictures.

     2.Folktales and Fairytales

Indian folktales and American fairytales are almost the same genres. The stories about prince and princess, kings and queens, and adventures are incorporated in these stories. Children of 7-12 years of age generally love this kind of storybook. You can find a great section od fairytales and folktales in every child’s bookshelves.

personalized childrens book

     3.Nursery Rhyme Books

These books are generally for toddlers and kids of 3years-5years of age. There are many short and fun rhymes about the barn animals, vegetables, natural elements, and many other elements are the subjects that are relevant to kids are part of these nursery rhymes books.

      4.Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are the most used for nursery kids mostly to teach them the basic alphabets. These books are quite fun and interesting for toddlers. These books too come with various pictures and alphabets written in huge blocks on a single page.

      5.Board Books

Board books are the kind of children’s books that are given various interesting shapes. The stories can either be lullabies, fingerplays, nursery rhymes and are quite colorful.

Through, personalized children’s book can mean that you are showing your children how much you love them. Your children can feel quite special with this personal gift. All these children’s books are specific to their ages and are all very interesting.