November 6, 2020

Get started with your business idea

By Martinez

In the present fast-paced world, we are able to witness a huge increase in the number of people coming out with various business ideas that match the current and future trends. Before starting any business, people have to mandatorily do market research and subsequent consumer preferences in the area. Also, there are many countries that have several restrictions on starting a business. But, Hong Kong is the only country that is free and open economies in the world. Thus, it is considered to be the famous option for the formation of the company.

Forming a company is a big process that can be done easily through certain known agencies. There are many firms that provide HK company registration services. HKCore is one of the firms that helps people in all aspects of forming a business. They also mediate in the bank account opening and stay till your firm goes to the growth stage. Let us see the benefits of starting a company in the country;

  • It has a stable legal system.
  • They have multiple financial channels.
  • There is no foreign exchange control.
  • No limitation on the scope of business.

What is required to form a company?

The firm that provides the Hong Kong company registration service has given the requirements for forming a company. All it requires is;

  • One registration address.
  • One shareholder.
  • A director as an individual.
  • A licensed company secretary.
  • Completed NNCI and IRB1 forms.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration.

All the above are mandatory and without these, no person can start their business. It is better to clear off all the initial formalities before going a step further as having the legal documents will come in handy in any difficult situations.