September 21, 2020

CBD Guide- Metamorphosis Of An Injurious Substance To A Resource!

By Martinez

The market for CBD is on the rise as its popularity skyrockets. As per a report, the global market size of CBD in 2020 is USD 9.3 billion, with a forecast of reaching USD 23.6 billion by 2025.

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The pot lovers are often dumbfounded on finding that though Cannabis is illegal, yet CBD is legal in most of the countries, although they come from the same source!

If you are a non-smoker or just not accustomed to the formal terms, you must be wondering-

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis plants and is celebrated for its medicinal properties all around the globe. As of 2019, numerous surveys have shown it to do wonders for people with anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, movement disorders, chronic pain, and even works on stubborn acne outbreaks. Surprise! Surprise! But there is no telltale sign of the same.The range of CBD products is limitless with oil, tinctures, vapes, creams, lotions, capsules, etc.

What to look for while buying CBD?

This CBD guide is the complete package for all the amateurs and novices. You might be just a curious cookie or in dire need of it! If used properly, it can prove to be a magnificent resource.

  • Understand the content type- Isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum are the three types of CBD. Isolate is the purest, full-spectrum has all the cannabinoids naturally derived from the hemp plant, and broad-spectrum is a mix of many cannabinoids except THC.
  • Acknowledge the reason for the use- Brainstorm the root cause of your interest in buying the product. If it is in form of treatment to some ailment, proper consultation is a sine qua non. Balance out all the positives and negatives before going for one.
  • Ascertain the source of manufacturing- Hemp can absorb the toxins from the surroundings, hence, it becomes vital to look for the manufacturing source of CBD, where is it procured from, and how is it processed. Else, be prepared for a catastrophe!
  • Be aware of the proper procedure of using it and follow it to T- It can be disastrous if not consumed properly or as per the dosage required. Frequency, amount, and way of consumption shall be accurate.
  • Keep a check on the THC content- It stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which creates the “getting-high” effect. So, it becomes important to keep that level low. Also, THC is illegal in many places.
  • Look for third-party tests and results- To ensure the authenticity of the claims of various sellers, it becomes crucial to check the lab report of any independent third party to find out the red flags, if any.

CBD explained from stern-to-stern-

Though there is still no exceptional research or concrete proof to back-up all the benefits, but, there is no smoke without fire. Right!?

Keep the aforementioned CBD guide handy to extract the maximum benefits out of this massive resource.