Are you finding a perfect way to verify your Skrill account?
April 6, 2020

Are you finding a perfect way to verify your Skrill account?

By Martinez

If you are going to open a Skrill account for a first time, then it is highly recommended for you to verify your Skrill account instantly. Still now, you can use the money transfer service with a complete functionality, your e-wallet transaction and deposit limits would not be fully removed until the skrill account verification get done. In addition, if you are transferring your funds to meet the upcoming threshold of a VIP membership level, then you will not experience any troubles to a flow of funds to and from your Skrill account, specifically if you are a verified member. In order to take benefit of the exclusive bronze VIP upgrade, you will need to verify your Skrill account at first. Once you sign up, your Skrill account must be automatically verified regardless of whether you are an e-wallet booster customer.

Are you finding a perfect way to verify your Skrill account?

Simple steps to verify the Skrill account

Actually, the Skrill verification is a very simple process. For verification you need to give a valid photo ID and address documents. If you want to verify your Skrill account, below are the simple steps to be followed such as:

  • Once you are logged into your Skrill account, you will be alerted to a matter that you want to verify your account by a message at the top of a screen.
  • To start a process of verifying your account, you just click on verify your identity button. Then, you will be taken via to a verification interface.
  • Based on your country, you will be asked whether you need to verify your account with Facebook.
  • If you are cannot verify your Skrill account via Facebook, you can select to verify your account through a conventional method of giving confirmation of your proof of ID and address.
  • At this case, you can select whether to download a Skrill app to finish verification or just continue with verification online.
  • After submitting your documents, you must be verified within a few hours.

Other options for Skrill verification

Along with uploading your documents, you also have a couple of other skrill account verification choices available that you can utilize completely to verify your account such as verification via a webcam and verification via a Skrill mobile app. If you verify via a Skrill mobile app, you can make a deposit of minimum 10 EUR, which is essential for all clients.