wedding bouquet Singapore
October 29, 2019

Perfect wedding bouquet with beautiful wraps

By Martinez

For each wedding, flowers are one of the important parts of the decorations. When the bride passes through the aisle, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands, she will look more beautiful and elegant. In addition, the flowers are perfect for the wedding dress. A good way to make a more attractive bouquet is to wrap it with beautiful jewelry. There are several wrappers for wedding flowers that you can choose to decorate your flowers.

In fact, packing your bouquet is not a difficult job, as many women think

Beautiful floral wrappers can be very fabulous, but not particularly difficult to complete. Brides can decorate the bouquet with some kind of ribbon and beautiful pins, which sounds good and simple. If you practice ahead of time, packing wedding flowers can be interesting.

wedding bouquet Singapore

When you start making wedding wraps with flowers, you should remember that the decoration of the bouquet should complement the flowers and other accessories, such as bridesmaid jewelry. This means that if your bridesmaids wear pearl jewelry, the bouquet wrap can be made of a piece of beaded pearl fabric. You can cut a piece and use pins to secure the edge of the stems.

There is no doubt that the ribbon is popular with wedding wraps. The tape can be used in different styles. If you want a clutch bag with a luxurious wedding bouquet Singapore, you can put a 3 or 4-inch wide double-sided satin ribbon to the wedding flower.

Another good idea to wrap a wedding flower that you can make yourself is to use lace to wrap it gently around the stems of the bouquet.