December 1, 2019

Learn how lower service fees than banks

By Martinez

Banking institutions charge high exchange rates. The structure is designed in such a way that it is difficult to direct separate exchanges between two people, they need a “trusted” outsider to encourage the exchange. Obviously, banks charge administrative expenses to stimulate these exchanges.


You can use warranty administrations with bitcoins that are charged from administrations, however this is not required. Since биткоин is dependent on P2P exchanges, there is no administration fee. Obviously, banks are not big fans of bitcoins in this direction.


Reduce the risk of edema


The number of bitcoins created is set at a predetermined rate. This implies that no legislature can withdraw more money in order to reimburse its obligations.


While genuine monetary standards lose their value every year, the value of биткоин seems to be on the rise.


Failure to break


At that moment, when your money is tied to the administration, it depends on the reliability of this legislative body. We both understand that administrations can collapse, and when they force them to print cash, they sometimes become useless. Take a look at the notes in your wallet. I fastened to them. Can you imagine that one day they will become less significant than the paper you printed?


Since Bitcoin is not a branch of any targeted government or authority, it does not depend on any external conditions in terms of its value. During any period of time during which the Internet exists, Bitcoin will be accessible and important.