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July 23, 2019

Free Giveaways – Win-Win for All

By Martinez

As we know online games are becoming a popular medium to earn money and since the bitcoin was introduced into the game, the fun has doubled. It often is heartbreaking to see your competitors win the game by slight hands. A consistent defeat may cause some players to leave the game with an oath to never return. But some of the game organizers have another way to attract the players to the game. Those are bonusbitcoins; giveaways in the form of bitcoins to keep your players stick to the table.

There are several types of bonuses a company can offer, for example, sign-ups, referrals, cashback, etc. You can win a fraction or a whole of free stuff by any of these methods. This way everyone gets to take some share from the table and is expected to return to it.

These free giveaways also work in timely pattern as well and are called faucets. It is also a type of bonus where you get a chance to win a fraction of bitcoin every hour.

best bitcoin wallet

The target of bonusbitcoins is majorly two types of people, the first one is the player who wants some free cash in their wallets without any effort. The others are the advertisers. These are the guys the companies are looking for. Basically, free giveaways are a great marketing technique to make a profit from. As a company starts giving free satoshis (fraction of a bitcoin), its rating in the virtual world increases. This can be a great potential for other companies to promote their products. This way the company also stays in business without suffering any losses.