April 11, 2019

Four ways to find out if a streaming site is illegal or not

By Martinez

With tons of streaming services packed in every corner of the internet for sure you are tempted to subscribe to either one of those, however, you do not want to spend your money on these considering that you have a more important thing to spend than splurging it for your television and movie pleasures, that is why watching streaming online movies and series are very handy for both a computer and mobile device.

Forget Netflix and Hulu, you can always stream free movies and television series online for free, it is completely fun, completely convenient, and of course it is totally free, however, is it completely legal? Well, there are free streaming sites out there that provide movies and television series that have copyrights for each one of it, meaning, you can watch it legally, while there are those that operate under the radar, meaning they do it illegally.

Of course, the last thing on our a mind is depriving the television and movie industry of the income and revenue they deserve from producing and making movies and series for us, that is why you should always stick to legal streaming sites to keep the industry from making our favorite movies and series.

So, how do you determine a streaming site that illegally operates? Listed below are the signs that you can use to find out if it follows the law or not.

  1. Too obvious where they get their movies- Legitimate free movie online streaming sites acquire the movies in two ways; they got it from having permission from the film studio to show the movies publicly for free, or they showed the movies that are under a public domain, while sites that stream series and movies illegally features movies that are recently released in cinemas and have just released on its DVD platform because these are not produced for the public domain.
  2. Too many advertisements- Illegal streaming sites are usually loaded with pop-up windows that have different advertisements because this is one way they earn money. These advertisements are usually spam, and there are also advertisements that suddenly cut off the movie for a couple of minutes. Since the streaming site is not charging you a single penny from watching their latest movies and series, they are likely making money through advertisements.
  3. You can download the movies- It is completely illegal to download movies for free especially those that have been released recently in cinemas because of copyright laws, if there is a download button in a free streaming site, you should check other things that further solidifies that it is operating illegally. Movies can be downloaded through authorized streaming sites that comes with a bundled price.
  4. It has a mobile application- There are mobile applications or a mobile platform for streaming movies and sites that operate legally, however, there are those that operate illegally have also their own mobile applications. To make sure if it is illegal or not, check the review panel in Google Store or Apple Store and check if it has negative or positive reviews because of illegal streaming mobile applications are also loaded with annoying pop-up windows of ads.