endpoint security provider singapore
September 13, 2019

Does Endpoint Security Affect a Company Computer System?

By Martinez

If you are a small business owner who uses a serious commercial computer system to run your business, the impact of endpoint security has grown to a point where the business world is not even like your world twenty years ago. If you have not radically changed the way your computer systems are protected from simple anti-virus software to the new world of electronic devices, then you are in serious danger.

endpoint security provider singapore

Let’s talk about it for a minute.

Endpoint security provider Singapore is a different form of business process than before. Endpoint Security Management is now a policy-based approach to securing your network. This requires that your end devices meet very specific criteria before these devices gain access to your network resources.

Think about it: your end devices can include not only your PC, but also laptops, smartphones, tablets and all kinds of specialized equipment, many of which did not even exist twenty years ago. Things like barcode readers and POS terminals. Although this equipment existed twenty years ago, modern machines are functionally and internally very different.

And to add a huge burden to your already serious security problems, many of you have employees who own their own devices (such as iPhones, laptops, etc.) that need access to your company’s computer system, equipment owned by employees who probably have absolutely no control. If you are not worried about opportunities, you simply do not think about it.


If you are not the kind of person who likes to go to work every day, and you are not interested in whether this will come the day when everything will explode, you should think about it. And if you are not a serious IT specialist, get good advice. At the very least, discuss this with software vendors. They can offer all kinds of things depending on the structure of your business.