December 27, 2019

Be ready to pay a higher commission if the level of anonymity is higher

By Martinez

If every address is provided by the users then it is possible to select the different delay time. You should select the commission which you are ready to pay as the next step is to select a service fee. It is always advisable not to mix the coins as the minimum fee is visible on the blockchain. If the level of anonymity is higher then you should be ready to pay a higher commission at The mixing code is considered as one of the great benefits on the blender platform. You can proceed to start the tumbling as soon as you fill out all the boxes.

Iscramblerzncrease the number of addresses:

The information which is related to the transactions will be deleted immediately once if the funds are delivered to the address which is provided. The clients will not have flexibility on the other platforms if they prefer to use the bitcoin mixer at The custom option can be used in order to increase the number of addresses on the platform. A unique transfer algorithm is used on the platform according to the choice of the investors. You can know about the features and benefits if you visit the official website of the scrambler.

Implement the mixing procedure:

The mixing process about all the data can be deleted upon its completion. The customer support is available to all the users round the clock. The clients will not have any obligations by providing the letters of guarantee. The mixing services are offered in the platform and they can actively be used by the crypto owners. The mixing procedure which is implemented on the platform is not only simple but also very quick. The delay time will be determined by the system when you have selected a delay. The registration is not at all the required on the platform as the mixing process is very simple.