May 24, 2018

Just Click Appliances website overview

By Martinez


Just Click Appliances is an online website – checks out all the latest releases in home automation. This website offers a thorough comparison of all the smart home technology and help the buyers to select the best appliance according to their requirements and budget. You can find various articles and reviews of different home appliances on this website, all the reviews and articles are based either on the customer review/opinion or on their own personal experience. All the reviews are concluded out of an intensive research of the product whether the website own it or not. They not only welcome reviews and experience from customers in their comments section but are also open to take any critic or suggestion from the readers, you just need to contact them through mail, on their Contact Us page.  All the information and data provided by this website is for informational purpose only.

Benefits of the website:

On this website, you can find various comparison on different home appliances like, thermostats, hubs, camera, lighting, door bells, lock, sous vide. You just need to click on Compare icon on the website, a drop box will appear there you can find all the various options like Smart Lighting, Smart Hubs, Smart Locks, Smart Camera, Smart Doorbells, Smart Kitchen appliance and Smart Thermostat.  In each comparison, they first tell why one require smart technology home appliance, use of the technology, they also mention their favourite technology and finally compares the different products coming under same category.

Example: Let’s take an example of lock: when you click on the Compare icon situated on the left side of the page, a drop box with appliances list will fall and you can see the Smarts Locks at the end of the list. Tap on it, this will take you to a page with all the details of smart locks. This page will first tell you what a smart lock is, types of smart locks, what benefits you can get by using smart lock as a home appliance, features to look in a smart lock, other options in case of failure of the smart lock, their favourites smart locks and finally they will compare various products under the smart lock categories. Hence, this website first open our mind and perspective toward the smart technology by telling its various uses and benefits and then suggest us which product to go for. never forces its suggestions on any one and that why at the end they give various comparison of different products to give us a clear idea of what to choose and what not according to one’s requirement.

On this website, you can also see a Review named icon, which drops down with all the same options as in Compare icon. Here you can find personal opinions and reviews of Just Click Appliances of their favourite products.